Talent Center

Career Development
  • I
    Talent Review

    Company initiates annual organization and talent assessment process to identify management talents: Leading Star (Director level), Shining Star (Senior Manager level)and New Star (Manager level) talent, through various talent assessment tools. This is an important approach to recognize and retain core management talents, and create more career opportunities.

  • II
    Two-Track Career Path

    Company establishes the Two-Track Career Path development structure, aiming to encourage and guide employees to select the right track for their individual development plan. The Two-Track includes a Management Track and a Specialty Track, under which there are six sub-tracks, providing employees a variety of approaches to perform and realize their individual values.

  • III
    Talent Program

    To attract industry technology leader talent and strengthen the internal talent pipeline, we provide three types of incentive programs customized for technology talent under different growing stages: Overseas Returnee Leadership Program, Next Generation Leadership Program, and Future Talent Program. For professionals such as clinical and regulatory talent, we also have the Red Rabbit Talent Program and the Dragon Talent Program.
Talent Cultivation
Reserve Of Innovative Talents

Innovation Institute Motto: Enable every employee to acquire his/her supervisor and next level manager’s capabilities, and help front line managers equip executive level essential qualities. We provide leadership, general skill, and professional skill training. We also offer a variety of tailor-made training programs. Our online learning platform enriches employees’learning experiences, enabling our employees to meet their individual job requirement in a more efficient way.

Create An Environment That Supports Talent Growt
We offer a wide range of compensation and benefits programs,
to help our employees achieve better life experiences,
and to attract and retain great talents.
  • Compensation

    Compensation = Guarantee Pay + Variable Bonus, We offer competitive compensation plans to commit our respect and recognition to our talents.

  • Benefits

    In addition to statutory benefits, employees will be entitled to supplementary benefits, including: annual paid leave, commercial insurance, holiday gifts, high-temperature allowance, paid meals, etc.
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